88888 is the duo Karel Burssens and Jeroen Verrecht. They share a general interest in spatial conditions and establish this in a practice of installation art, scenography and architecture. They work on several international projects in the worlds of museums, fashion, contemporary dance and architecture, both commissioned and self-initiated. Their expertise grew on both conceptual and productional levels, the broad interests and experience nurturing mutually.

In projects, a research on the experience and use of space is unfold. The spatial and contextual play a crucial, defining role. 88888 searches consciously and unconsciously for assignments within such a specific context. The artistic research consists of measuring the relevance of form, typology, physicality and materiality, but evenso the void, the absence of intervention within this context. This relevance is defined again and unconditioned for each project. The contribution is questioned continuously during development, until the moment the answer on it is irrevocable.

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